Prospective Students

Life at The College

Having a quality education is important, but itís not enough. At least thatís the message students are learning at the College of Pharmacy. Founded in 2007, the OU Pharmacy Student Ambassador Program has served as a platform for students to represent the college. Students have a visible presence on the college campuses and serve as role models to fellow students, faculty and staff. American Pharmacists Month in October is an annual event that involves students and faculty. Students look for avenues of service in the communities surrounding them to provide acts of compassion and philanthropy. You can find them serving the homeless, onsite building homes, and participating in drives to feed and clothe the indigent.

In and Around the Campus and Oklahoma City

Thereís no better place to be inspired than downtown Oklahoma City. From the excitement of NBA action with the Thunder, to the fun in the spring and summer of being at a Triple-A baseball park that inspires athletes of all ages, the Bricktown area pulsates with energy. Oklahoma City continues to provide students with a very reasonable cost of living. The OUHSC campus itself was selected by OKC Beautiful to win the Chesapeake Energy Corporate Award for the best business that strives to create and sustain programs that benefit the entire Oklahoma City metro area.

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