Institue of Geriatric Pharmacy

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Institute Goals

  • To develop distinct foci of research regarding drug therapy and the delivery of pharmaceutical care in the older population and to facilitate and engage in multidisciplinary research regarding drug therapy through collaborative arrangements with other aging programs;
  • To promote and develop education and training programs for students and practitioners in all health professions regarding appropriate medication use in the geriatric population and to collaborate with other academically based aging programs and service agencies in these activities;
  • To promote continued involvement and future development of service programs for older people by pharmacists that will empower the elderly to become active decision makers regarding their drug therapy;
  • To develop a broad base of additional funding to ensure that the Institute will continue to be engaged in the accomplishment of its goals;
  • To position the Institute in a leadership role to develop and disseminate public policy regarding drug utilization by the older population, and to be a leader amongst its peer institutions in regards to its programs in pharmaceutical care of the elderly.

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