Current Students

Financial Aid

The Office of Pharmacy Student Affairs coordinates with campus financial aid staff to administer financial aid programs for doctor of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science students. A variety of financial aid programs are available for pharmacy students who have a demonstrated financial need. The Health Sciences Center Student Financial Services administers these programs and can be contacted if students have any questions.

It is recommended that applicants file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon as possible for the academic year they are planning on attending. More than one school can be listed on the FAFSA so it is not a problem if applicants do not yet know if they will be attending the College of Pharmacy. For more information on financial aid, please contact the HSC Office of Financial Services at 405-271-2118.

Students who are eligible for financial aid must apply each year and application for each academic year should be made early in the spring semester. Student Financial Services should also be notified for any significant change in personal or family status that may affect financial need. Such events may include marriage or divorce, a change in the number of dependents living at home, or a change in employment status or income.


Henry D. and Ida Mosier Scholarship

The Henry D. and Ida Mosier Scholarship fund provides a major source of grant aid for pharmacy students. Awards are based both on merit and financial need. Application for these awards is at New Student (P-1) Orientation and at the spring pre-enrollment period for each academic year.

Loyd E. Harris Emergency Loan Fund

Students who experience a legitimate financial emergency during their course of study should contact the Director of Pharmacy Student Affairs immediately. The Loyd E. Harris Emergency Loan Fund of the college and the Health Sciences Center Student Financial Services provide emergency loan funds.

Other Scholarships

The College of Pharmacy awards a number of scholarships each year on the basis of scholastic and/or professional achievement (see Awards and Honors and Scholarships). The Academic Standing Committee upon nomination by the faculty recommends these awards by and no application is required.

The Office of Pharmacy Student Affairs announces a variety of financial loans and grants, which are periodically available to pharmacy students through professional organizations and companies. Information about these programs is distributed to students through regular channels of communication.