Alumni Awards

mortar and pestle
Award recipients receive a custom
mortar and pestle from the college.

Alumni awards are presented in order to recognize outstanding individual accomplishments. The alumni association calls for nominations for the awards annually and selection is made during a Winter or Spring meeting of the Alumni Affairs Board.

Distinguished Alumni Award

Alumni recipients will be selected from alumni nominees for accomplishment throughout the span of a career. Any of the following criteria may be used in submitting nominations:

Latest Recipents

B. Douglas Hoey 2015
Tom R. Webber 2014
Marshall Scantlin 2013
Travis Watts 2012
Mark St. Cyr 2011
Loyd V. Allen 2009
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E. Blanche Sommers Award

Ralph D. Bienfang Outstanding Practitioner Award

Alumni recipients will be selected from alumni nominees who have made important contributions to the profession and community within five (5) years of graduation. The award is presented to recent graduates of The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy in accord with the interests of Dr. E. Blanche Sommers in fostering the development of and recognizing the early achievements of potentially outstanding future practitioners.

Latest Recipents

David George 2015
Jamie Farley 2013
Dared Price 2012
Melissa Abbott 2011
Emily Borders 2011
Jacqueline King 2009
Joshua Sheffield 2008
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This award will be given to a pharmacist in Oklahoma who has exemplified the characteristics of Professor Ralph D. Bienfang - service orientation, sensitivity to human needs, ability to communicate verbally and in writing, ability to inspire fellow practitioners, leadership within the profession, and a broad base of interests and accomplishments within and outside of pharmacy - over a period of time. Individuals nominated could be graduates of any school or college of pharmacy.

Latest Recipents

Nancy Kay LaPorte 2015
Nancy Nesser 2014
Laura Petty 2013
E. Scott Henley 2012
Mary Kay Vaughan 2011
Tommy Bishop 2009
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Special Service Citation

Outstanding Young Alumni Award

This citation is given only on rare occasion to recognize an individual who has made extraordinary contributions of exceptional quality to the College of Pharmacy or to the pharmacy profession and leading to events widely recognized as seminal and of such merit as to warrant special honor and recognition.

Latest Recipents

Marguerite Jones Lane 2012
Shauna Peterson 2011
Jack Munn 2008
Vincent Dennis 2008
Thomas Kupiec 2006
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Alumni recipients are to be selected from alumni nominees who have made important contributions to the profession of pharmacy within ten (10) years of graduation.

Latest Recipents

Mai Phillips 2015
Bethany Holderread 2014
Jack Drakeford 2013
Rebecca (Becky) Schmidt 2012
Rahi M. Bigdely 2011
Joshua Sheffield 2009
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