Instructional Sciences and Assessment

The Office of Instructional Sciences and Assessment's goal is to support and advance faculty teaching and student learning. To achieve this goal, the OISA offers faculty training, consultation, development, and evaluation on a one-one basis or through workshops related to 10 instructional areas:

Our Priorities

  1. Classroom technology emphasizing live, synchronous education at a distance, Blackboard courseware tools, and audience response systems
  2. Classroom management such as syllabus construction, course coordinating, team teaching, and student issues
  3. Instructional material development such as PowerPoint slides, handouts, writing measurable objectives and test questions that address different levels of learning, and classroom activities
  4. Active learning for use in all classes focusing on team-based learning, effective use of cases, peer teaching, critical thinking and problem solving, student engagement in class discussions and questioning, and simulations,
  5. Lecture delivery strategies emphasizing presentation mapping, teaching observations and feedback, and instructional design issues
  6. Understanding learners such as motivation, levels of learning (Bloom’s taxonomy), personality, communication and leadership styles/preferences, learning styles, and generational issues.
  7. Alignment of instructional objectives, delivery, and assessment
  8. Formative and summative assessments of student learning using checklists, rating scales, and rubrics
  9. Performance-based assessments of knowledge, skills and attitudes
  10. Educational research emphasizing designing classroom teaching systemically and scientifically and documenting and publishing instructional outcomes in the education literature

Contact Us

Melissa S. Medina, Ed.D
Associate Professor
Assistant Dean of Assessment and Evaluation
Director of Preparing Future Faculty (OUHSC Graduate College)
The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy
1110 N. Stonewall Ave.
Dean’s Office, First floor
P.O. Box 26901
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0901

Phone: 405-271-6484 x. 47299
Fax: 405-271-3830

Specific OISA Initiatives

  1. PGY I Resident Teaching Certificate Program
  2. PGY II Teaching Development Program
  3. New Faculty Teaching Development Program
  4. Teaching Observation and Feedback Service
  5. Supporting Curricular Review, Mapping, Assessment, and Electronic Documentation
  6. Co-Coordinating Education Grand Rounds (EGR) for the OUHSC campus (
  7. Directing the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program for the OUHSC Graduate College (
  8. Desire2Learn Training

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