College Strategic Plan

College committees are appointed by the dean in consultation with the Executive Council. It shall be a general policy of the College of Pharmacy that committee membership will be drawn from both campuses for usual terms of three years; exceptions to the three year term may occur in the interest of maintaining experienced continuity and/or leadership. The policies pertaining to standing committees (below) generally apply to other college committees, but there may be some instances in which the regular faculty requirements are not appropriate. All committees (and similar representative bodies) shall submit to the dean or designees an annual report by May 31 of each year; other interim reports may be requested as necessary to facilitate effective management of college affairs.

Standing Committees under Faculty Bylaws

The chair of each standing committee shall be a regular faculty member and appointed by the dean unless otherwise specified by university policy. A majority of each committee shall consist of regular faculty with representation from all academic departments unless another composition is specified by university policy.

Academic Appeals Board (Elected)

The Board shall consist of an equal number of faculty and students and operate under the policies and procedures given in the Faculty Handbook of The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. The purpose of the Board is to... [more]

Academic Standing Committee

This Committee shall consist of at least five faculty members, the associate dean of pharmacy student affairs (ex officio) and the senior associate dean for... [more]

Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee for the professional program shall consist of at least five faculty members, an alumnus, two practicing pharmacists, and four pharmacy... [more]

Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee shall be composed of at least five regular faculty members, the assistant dean for assessment and evaluation (ex officio), at least two pharmacy professionals external to the College, and one... [more]

Awards and Scholarships Committee

This Committee shall consist of at least six faculty members, drawn from all departments; the majority will have been appointed to a college or school of pharmacy for at least... [more]

Curriculum Committee

Membership of the Curriculum Committee shall consist of at least six faculty members, an alumnus, two students, one practicing pharmacist, and the senior associate dean for academic affairs (ex officio). The primary functions of the... [more]

Executive Council

The Executive Council, which meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month from 9-10:30 a.m., shall consist of the dean; assistant and associate deans; department chairs and vice chairs; directors; a faculty member representative for each department, each elected to a two year term; and the president of the pharmacy student council. The purpose of the... [more - download minutes]

Graduate Affairs Committee

This Committee shall consist of at least five graduate faculty members and one graduate student in pharmaceutical sciences; a majority of the members shall be faculty with authority to chair doctoral committees. The Committee will be chaired by a full member of the... [more]

Research Affairs Committee

This Committee shall consist of at least five faculty members and the majority of members should have funded research projects. The committee assimilates research needs and directions for the College, evaluates and recommends... [more]

Residency Review Committee

This Committee consists of a minimum of five faculty members, including all faculty members actively directing a resident or fellow. The main purpose of this Committee is to foster the highest quality... [more]

Professional Practice Plan [Elected]

This Committee shall be elected and function in accordance with the approved Professional Practice Plan of the College of Pharmacy. [more]

Promotion and Tenure Committee

The Promotion and Tenure Committee shall consist of all tenured faculty members in the College of a rank equal to or higher than the rank for which the candidate is being considered. [more]

Other College Committees

Lectures Committee

Using established guidelines, administer all aspects of the sponsored lectureship programs of the College. [more]

Ad Hoc Committee to Review the APPE Evaluation Form

Review the APPE Evaluation Form. [more]

Criminal Background Review Committee (CBRC)

Criminal Background Review Committee (CBRC). [more]

Operational Groups

An operational group is established for pharmacy professional service units and is comprised of a minimum of three faculty members; a major criterion for membership on an operational group is that the individual possesses specific expertise needed to improve the operation of the unit. The major responsibility of an operational group is to assure that the unit meets its respective contractual and professional obligations and makes significant contributions to the educational and/or research programs of the College.

Operational Group for Nuclear Pharmacy


Eric Johnson
Kevin Rinaldi
Jill Shadid
Kelly Standifer
Vibhu Awasthi, Chair
Garo Basmadjian
G.T. Dolan
Hari Gali

Annual Charge to the Group:Explore other areas of involvement that could generate revenue.

Operational Group for Pharmacy Consultants


Kevin Rinaldi
Grant Skrepnek
Michael Smith
Michael Hines
Eric Johnson, Chair
Terry Cothran
Shellie Keast

Annual Charge to the Group:Investigate the feasibility of potential revenue generating programs. Prioritize possibilities, and then develop one proposal for implementation with the dean’s review and approval.

Operational Group for Poison Control Center


Teresa Lewis
Scott Schaeffer
Grant Skrepnek
Kevin Rinaldi, Chair
Eric Johnson
Tammy Lambert

Annual Charge to the Group: Determine potential avenues of scholarship, prioritize them, and implement one during this academic year. Explore long-term and alternative funding sources for the center.